Get the Facts About UHS


UHS is one of the largest and most widely respected hospital management companies, delivering compassionate, high quality care to millions of patients for nearly 40 years.

The assertions made by BuzzFeed in its recent article contain numerous factual inaccuracies and non-contextualized mischaracterizations of isolated events at a small minority of our 200+ facilities. BuzzFeed focuses on the anecdotal accounts of a handful of former employees while overlooking the fact that UHS is one of the most widely respected hospital management companies in the US and the United Kingdom. Every day and throughout our 40-year history, our facilities deliver compassionate, high-quality care to tens of millions of patients.

It’s important to understand that mental health facilities and the patients that we treat are complex and unique, and unlike traditional acute care hospitals or patients. Behavioral health care is highly specialized and personalized, and we treat people when they are most vulnerable. BuzzFeed’s article misses the mark on several important topics including our intake process, staffing, patient length of stay (LOS) and business practices. The result is a distorted, inaccurate and negative portrayal of UHS, our values and clinical performance record.

All UHS Behavioral Health facilities are fully accredited by independent organizations including The Joint Commission (TJC) whose rigorous accreditation and quality assessment protocols are widely respected throughout the healthcare industry. UHS facilities also maintain a strong track record of positive recognition on other evidence-based indicators including TJC Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services and CMS’ Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting System. UHS’ consistent multi-decade record of positive achievements confirm that we are an industry leader in clinical quality.

Over the past four years, 83 UHS facilities were designated as Top Performers on Key Quality Measures® by The Joint Commission, and our Behavioral Health facilities have a lower percentage of serious survey inspection citations from CMS compared to our competitors. UHS’ commitment to quality is supported by significant investments in our programs, services and facilities.

We constantly look for ways to improve, and we take all feedback seriously. In rare cases where regulations identify areas of improvement, we devote all necessary resources towards proactive remediation and strive for sustained compliance. Our teams explore and follow clinical best practices for the services we deliver and cooperate fully with organizations that want to learn more about us, our facilities, our staff and our services.

Our patients consistently report high levels of satisfaction with the care they receive. In 2015, UHS patient satisfaction survey scores were 4.5 out of 5 and have increased annually over the past seven years. In 2015, UHS BH facilities treated almost 450,000 patients. We place the highest importance on our values, the patients we serve and the thousands of dedicated staff who work every day to put patients first.